About Voxvalley

Who We Are

Voxvalley is a leading VoIP solution provider delivering innovative and business transforming VoIP solutions for carriers and telecoms worldwide. The company is known globally for its excellence in technology-leveraged solutions and client-focused services. Voxvalley's business portfolio includes VoIP Solutions, that empower Telecoms and VoIP operators with customized mobile and business VoIP software solutions.

Voxvalley is headquartered in Singapore, with its Research & Development center in India and sales offices across the globe. With over 20 million end-users and 1800 direct customers spread across 24 countries, Voxvalley is playing a pivotal role in bringing forth multiple advanced communication tools.

Our Story

We have a brief yet impactful history that propelled us to take on various technological challenges in the VoIP and IT industry.

Voxvalley was formed in the year 2010 under the aegis of Mr. Sajjan Mallik (MD &CEO), an early stage VoIP veteran. His passion, commitment and vision have led the company to great heights in terms of growth and stability.

Mr. Mallik initially started his career as an engineer, but quickly realized his interest towards VoIP domain. This interest has led him to start a VoIP provider based business, and went on to secure wholesale interconnects with TELCOs, MVNOs, MVNEs and VoIP Providers worldwide. Today, Mr. Mallik stands tall as one of the successful entrepreneurs in VoIP industry.

Voxvalley has derived its name from two words namely “Vox” and “Valley.” While Vox refers to voice operated exchange, Valley refers to its wide array of VoIP products and solutions. Together, it defines Voxvalley as a one-stop destination for complete VoIP Communication Solutions.

Ever since its inception in 2010, Voxvalley has been servicing to over 1800 customers from 24 countries around the world. It has more than 20 million customers globally and is still counting.

The People Behind Voxvalley

Meet our industry leaders who are the building blocks of the company. Their passion, vision and dedication has enables us to achieve the impossible.

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Being rooted in VoIP as a leading solution provider, we are committed to deliver innovative and customized VoIP solutions for Telco’s, ITSPs, ISPs, MVNEs, VoIP Providers and Enterprises that can mitigate their business risks and open up potential business opportunities for tapping maximum revenue. Further, to ensure the VoIP solutions are potential enough to take care of all anticipatory challenges that clients face in the course of their business.

Thus, we intend to create a conducive and mutually beneficial environment where our clients can grow and expand with us.

To develop cost-effective and innovative VoIP communication solutions by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and industry’s best practices that guarantee high ROI for businesses such as Telco’s, ITSPs, ISPs, MVNEs, VoIP Providers and Enterprises. In the process, we intend to help our clients in meeting their end goals and improve the brand value, visibility and operational efficiency of their business.

Since inception, Voxvalley has been governed by our core values. They form the foundation of our culture and strengthen the relationship we share with the external world. We at Voxvalley strive to incorporate these guiding principles in our work life and collaborate for success.


This is an integral part of our value system. We need to earn business in the right terms that enhances the Voxvalley brand in the market place. We need to earn the TRUST of our customers, partners and employees.


Our approach to business is by being responsive and attentive in supply chain. We not only trust our fellow employees but also respond to their needs in a timely fashion. Many times we may disagree and may not have all answers. But responsiveness is our differentiator.


The trust and freedom of execution is always associated with empowerment. We believe this core value will enhance our ability to stay on top of our goals.


In a team work our alignment with fellow employees, partners and customers is an important measure of our success. This core value will improve our chances of winning large projects and adding new logos becomes much easy.


We are operating in a dynamically changing market place. Our ability to re-tool our employees will increase our chance to innovate with new solutions and respond to changing needs.

Exceeding Goals Set Forth

We are passionate and obsessive about the quality of our products.

We believe quality in form and function will take us to greater heights. Accordingly, we have been maintaining quality process across all business operations. Each department is bound with the quality standards prescribed according to the nature of work they do. But, overall as a company we follow the quality process and deliver qualitative products and services.

Voxvalley is committed to ensure customer satisfaction by providing best quality software products, maintenance services and achieve continual improvement of quality management system.

This is achieved through the use of defined processes, involvement of people and adopting state-of-the-art-technology.

Innovations that Excelled

We take pride in the awards & recognition that have been bestowed on us for our continuous innovations. This serves as an inspiration to achieve more in the years to come.

Latest Happenings

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