Call Shop Solution

For Callshop, Internet Cafes and Contact Center Operators

A Call Shop is a storefront/retail business that offers on-site access to telephones for long-distance calling in locations with low mobile-phone penetration or limited home/public phone service. VoIP-based Call Shops have become a favorite destination for customers who want to make long distance or international calls at lower rates. VoIP completely transforms the operation of the traditional Call Shop.

Call Shop Solution

A typical VoIP-based Call Shop solution enables service providers to easily manage multiple Call Shop networks from one account. Call shop operators can create multiple Call Shops with numerous booths in each Call Shop and manage them from a centralized web user interface using a single account. By properly adding and managing features such as flexible routing, effective monitoring and dynamic billing an advanced Call Shop solution dramatically improves the profit generated for the Call Shop operator.

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All the Advanced Features for Profitable Business

An advanced Call Shop supports flexible routing (LCR, Percentage & Prefix Based Routing), live call monitoring, dynamic invoicing and billing in addition to the basic features of a typical Call Shop solution. In addition to VoIP/SIP phones and PC Softphones, advanced Call Shops should also deliver service via smartphones and tablets enabled with a Mobile VoIP application.

Overall, an advanced Call Shop gives more control over the Call Shop business enabling service providers to generate higher margins at lower risks. Further, it offers tight security against data breaches and call fraud.

Voxvalley Helps You to Get Started with Call Shop Business

Voxvalley provides an advanced Call Shop solution with over-the-top features for profitable and secure Call Shop operation. With flexible routing methods such as LCR, Percentage and Prefix based routing, dynamic invoicing, and billing, Voxvalley's Call Shop solution ensures complete flexibility and ownership-control over the Call Shop operation.

Booth management with live call monitoring from a centralized web user interface defends against fraudulent activities. Furthermore, CDR generation based on period, tariffs/charges, region, VoIP carrier, revenue and profitability gives real-time analytics of your Call Shop business.