Sales Team

We are specialized in multilingual sales so never mind speaking to us in your regional languages and get things done. Be it a product/solution/service request, feel free to approach our sales team who will provide you with the fullest details for you to make a decision.

In cases where demos are required, the team shall fix an appointment with you and conduct the demo. All your custom requirements will be duly noted and assessed being assuring you with the final solution/service.

Below are the sales executives, each specialized in one or the other regional language and would be at their best to serve you.


    +91 87 9001 3737


   Aneesh Kumar MG

    +91 87 9077 3737


   Saurabh Shivdasan

    +91 97 0111 2163


   Jabeen Fatima

    +91 88 9781 1322


   Sandeep Sajjan

    +91 87 9001 3636


   Mohammad Hossain

    +880 19551 99767


   Tanusri Sinha Roy

    +91 88 9781 1533