Solutions for Telcos

Now, more than ever telcos need to deliver services that are more concrete and customer centric. Telcos continuously evolve and look to offer innovative services that can off-set their almost stagnant ARPU. Also in-order to counter the fierce competition telcos need robust solutions that can increase profit margins and improve brand value.

Voxvalley abreast with latest technology offers solutions needed to expand and manage Telco business with confidence. The solutions cover a comprehensive VoIP package, SIP redirection, and unified communications.

Telcos are backbone of telecom industry. Faced by the challenges such as decreasing ARPU, almost stagnant customer demand, heavy competition from free OTT apps, Telcos are looking to explore opportunities to offer diverse services. Voxvalley's VoIP box solution enables service providers to deliver Calling Cards, PIN less, Mobile PIN-less Dialers, and International Mobile VoIP Top-Up services to end-users.


Mobile OTT Solutions: Voxvalley offers comprehensive mobile OTT solutions that enable operators to deliver feature-rich services by developing their own OTT apps.

Telco-grade Softswitch: A high-end Softswitch platform that facilitates advanced features such as routing, billing, monitoring, reporting, and all the necessary tool to successfully venture in to VoIP business.

Lawful Interception: Vox LI proposes a monitoring architecture for lawful interception on VoIP networks based on SIP.

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Vox SIP Redirect is a highly scalable and reliable server software that is specifically designed to reduce the load on SBCs/softswitches, enabling increased Calls-Per-Second and concurrent call capacity. It can significantly reduce the reduce the load on SBCs/softswitches so that CPS and concurrent call handling capacity are increased.

Solution Components

VoIP Softswitch: Calling Card Platform that features flexible routing, integrated billing, advanced IVR system, PIN codes generation system, DID management, carrier management, reporting and monitoring.

Mobile Dialer App: MoSIP is a light-weight mobile app that delivers the best voice calling features needed to deliver robust mobile VoIP services. It delivers the functionality and ease-of-use that will enhance any VoIP business.

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Voxvalley's unified communication solution enables telcos to expand their product offering to businesses and deliver seamlessly integrated voice, video and data solution that's mobile. Leveraging the experience telcos already have, offering UC as service can become a invaluable offering in their portfolio.

Solution Components

Unified Communications Manager: Vox UC Suite is an on-premise unified communications platform that enables any enterprise or SMB to implement a sophisticated and advanced business communication system to reduce costs and maximize productivity.

Mobile UC Clients: MoSIP C5 is an enterprise level mobile UC client that brings all the functions of the UC/IP-PBX system available on a traditional desktop to a mobile device.

Client Configuration Server: This provisioning server allows the Service Provider or Enterprise IT Manager to easily control the installation and maintenance of an unlimited number of Mobile and Desktop MoSIP clients.

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